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Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews





Healthnets Review Services is an author’s best friend. Whether you are a first time author or an experienced writer, we have the tools and services needed to polish your work into the best product possible. Healthnets has expansive expertise in proofreading, copy editing, critiquing and rewriting of journal articles and books in various fields of science, medicine and related subjects.

Authors seek us out to critique their works, knowing they will receive an honest opinion with suggestions, if any, to improve their work products. New authors find our services affordable and very helpful in moving their projects forward. All work performed by Healthnets is done by those who hold doctoral degrees in various sciences.

Healthnets Review Services’ clientele are derived from both national and international sources. Universities, research institutions, hospitals and industrial facilities have sought us out for the level of competence we bring to our work. The core of our referrals is the individual author who wants his/her work critiqued and polished to improve his/her chances of finding a publisher.

All work performed by Healthnets is done in strict confidence. Many times other companies refer work to us because it is outside their field expertise. We work in unison with our colleagues so authors have the best product possible for publication.

Authors who have work that needs expeditious review or believe they cannot afford appropriate editing services should consider Healthnets to perform their work. They may be pleasantly surprised.

Please contact us for price quotes, service information or other inquires in the following manners: email:, fax: 410-515-7858, (o) 410-515-7848, (service) 410-515-7858